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Histories of Urban Knowledge

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic began, I organized a conference in Montreal on the theme of “Urban Knowledges” (along with Harold Bérubé, Michèle Dagenais, Valérie Poirier and Jean-Christophe Racette). It has been a rough year or two for academic publishing, but I’m pleased to announce that the Urban History Review has just published a special issue (which we co-edited) featuring five fantastic articles based on work presented at the conference, as well as a thematic introduction by Jean-Christophe. The topics covered included 19th century immigrant sheds, post-WW2 urban planning, Métis settlements in 1930s Edmonton, the soundscapes of industrial Montreal, and the building of the Victoria Bridge in the 1850s. I’m delighted to see this issue out in the world, and grateful to my co-editors and to our contributors for their patience and hard work. The issue is behind paywall for the moment, but accessible via university libraries until it goes open access.

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