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2014 World Congress of Environmental History


Tomorrow I’ll be arriving in Guimarães, a city in the north of Portugal, for the 2nd World Congress of Environmental History: Environmental History in the Making. I’m excited to be joining researchers from around the world for the conference, which promises some fascinating exchanges. I have a special interest in the programme for July 10, which includes three panels on urban environmental history.

That afternoon, I’ll be presenting my research on the history of the pedestrian in downtown Toronto, and specifically on the creation and reception of the Yonge Street Pedestrian Mall, 1971-1974. My panel, entitled “Urban Nature II,” also includes papers on water infrastructure and politics, and the question of light pollution in urban centres. I look forward to a stimulating discussion and an exciting conference! As I work through my own research on the history of downtown Toronto, opportunities like this, when I can discuss my work with people working on similar projects, are invaluable. I always leave with some new ideas and a few pages of hastily scribbled notes.


  • Ranjan Chakrabarti (Vidyasagar University, Jadavpur, India)

Hydraulic and Sanitary Infrastructure in Chihuahua City during the Porfiriato, 1892-1911 

  • Jaime Ruiz (University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, United States)

The Colour of Water: Water Purity and the Politics of Race in Early Vancouver 

  • Matthew Evenden (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

Contested Nightscapes – Conflicts on Artificial Light and “Light Pollution” from an Environmental History Perspective 

  • Ute Hasenöhrl (Leibniz-Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, Erkner, Germany)

Managing the Downtown Environment: Pedestrians, Pollution and Public Space on Toronto’s Yonge St. Mall, 1971-74

  • Daniel Ross (York University, Toronto, Canada)

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