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Across the pond

This fall, the view from my window looks a bit different. Until December, I’ll be an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Urban History in Leicester, UK.

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Urban Transformations: An Avenue For Academic Work in the Community

Over the weekend of June 20-22, Urban Transformations opened the doors of the Wychwood Barns to academics and urbanists.

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2014 World Congress of Environmental History

From July 7-14 I’ll join environmental historians from around the world in Portugal for the 2nd WCEH conference.

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Here and Now

On June 20th I biked down to the iconic CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) building in downtown Toronto for an interview on the popular afternoon show Here and Now, with Gill Deacon.

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An idea whose time has come: A city museum for Toronto

Over the last forty years Toronto has seen a number of bold proposals for a city museum. Recently, the launch of the Museum of Toronto project breathed new life into the cause.

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Urban Transformations

I’m one of the organizers of Urban Transformations, a symposium about major urban issues and themes as they’ve played out along Toronto’s St. Clair West corridor.

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A post on the Vintage Toronto facebook group alerted me to this creative and beautiful film that recreates changes in Toronto’s built environment over time. Take a look!

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Experimenting with Pedestrian Space in Toronto, 1970s and 2014

In this post I take a look at a new Toronto pedestrianization initiative–Open Streets–in light of 1970s attempts to make downtown more walkable.

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York History on WWI

It is the centenary of the start of the Great War, and commemoration of that long, bloody, and socially transformative conflict is in full swing. York historians have produced a series of short but informative videos about the conflict.

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Saving the North American City

The idea that our cities need saving has been around since at least the industrial era, and it continues to have relevance today.

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Building people space downtown

This year at the meeting of the American Society for Environment History in San Francisco, I’ll be presenting some of my research on Yonge Street as part of a panel on citizen engagement in urban planning.

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Vancouver’s hippie problem

In 1960s Vancouver there was a concerted effort by local citizens, the police, and politicians to investigate and find solutions to what they called “the hippie problem.” Were they successful?

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Toronto Boom Town

The post-1945 era was a hopeful and exuberant one for Canadian cities. Toronto in particular was growing faster than ever before. This 1951 NFB documentary captures the excitement.

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Building Sanctuary

Last month I was asked by the journal BC Studies to review a new book that tells the story of the people who mobilized to help Vietnam war resisters settle and stay in Canada.

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